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Founder & Director

Marcus DeWitt

Marcus DeWitt is a Yale graduate and Founder of Blue Ivy. Marcus worked for two years at an elite educational consulting firm in New York City, and has since conducted his own specialized tutoring programs.

He has a diploma in Educational Coaching, and is an expert in motivating students to find their true passion. In the last 5 years, Marcus has helped hundreds of students reach the university that best suits them.

As an American, Marcus grew up in Spain before studying Sociology at Yale University. He is thrilled to be living again in Mexico City, where he was born.



Alejandro Garcia Santos

Alejandro is Blue Ivy’s Director of Finance and Operations. Formally an engineer, over the past 7 years Alejandro has co-founded a number of mission-driven startups focused on sustainable transport, Fintech, and education. At Blue Ivy, Alejandro directs day-to-day operations and supports the startup’s sustainable growth and development. Outside of the office, Alejandro enjoys distance cycling, waters sports, and long weekends away.

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Academic Director

Aron Lesser

Aron is Blue Ivy’s Academic Director. Aron was raised between Atlanta and Brazil, and graduated from Brown University with a degree in Latin American and Caribbean Studies. He then moved to Mexico City as a Princeton University research fellow to help design alternative pedagogical models for public schools outside the city. His core educational belief lies in student-centered teaching and meaningful learning experiences. In his spare time, he is out finding new restaurants for his food blog.

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Director of Test Prep

Luke Smith

Luke graduated from Harvard University with a Bachelor's in Economics and from Brown University with a Master's in Latin American History. He also holds a law degree and worked as a corporate lawyer in London, New York, and Paris. He came to Mexico to research his doctoral dissertation and promptly fell in love with Mexico City. He has worked as a historical consultant to independent film companies shooting in the Valley of Mexico and as a language teacher to students with professional needs for advanced English in law and business. He has over ten years of experience teaching and tutoring students in a variety of subjects, including Economics, History, and SAT preparation. In his spare time, Luke enjoys travel, yoga, and exploring the streets and architecture of Coyoacan.


Director of Subject Coaching

Alejandro Garcia Chung

Alejo loves Physics and Maths and that is why he pursued a career as a Physicist in Cuba. Looking for a deeper understanding of nature, he moved to Bariloche, Argentina, where he earned a Masters Degree in Physics in the Balseiro Institute. Then, he moved to Mexico City, where he studied some of the mathematical techniques used in the Loop Quantization of Gravity at the Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana, and completed his Ph.D. in Physics.

Alejo is passionate about teaching and science but also enjoys music and dancing!


Head of Global Studies

Micheal Weakley

Micheal Weakley moved to Mexico City four years ago from Portland, Oregon. He studied Communications at the University of Sweden and Austin Peay State University in Tennessee. After receiving his bachelor's, Micheal traveled extensively throughout Europe and Asia and began education-based volunteer work in underserved communities in Thailand, Myanmar and Turkey. Upon returning to the US, he finished his Master’s in English as a Second Language and began working with immigrant youth near the border towns in Arizona.

Shortly after his arrival to Mexico City, Micheal worked with students at an elementary school in Iztapalapa and at a private school in San Angel. He has been regarded as a social activist and his professional background has focused on understanding and engaging communities of unique cultures, ideas, and approaches to life in an equitable manner. He has appeared on CNN advocating for issues faced by bullying and the development of a bully-free high school.

His energy and passion is focused on communication and equal engagement with students, families, and communities. “I am thrilled to have this opportunity with Blue Ivy to be part of the Global Studies development at Indoamericano and fulfill the mission to help each of our students achieve their full academic potential.”

For fun, Micheal is a cyclist, explorer, reader, and enjoys days at the park with his French Bulldog, Aluxe.


Head of Global Studies

Alina Aksiyote

Alina is originally from Mexico City, where she graduated from the American School Foundation. She then attended Yale University and studied anthropology. After spending a year as a Fulbright Scholar in India, Alina is back in Mexico City teaching with Blue Ivy. She's an Educational Coach, inspiring students to find their true passion.



Angela Leonardo

Angela is originally from Philadelphia and graduated from the University of Pennsylvania with a degree in Comparative Religions. After graduation, she moved to Buenos Aires, Argentina and completed a certificate in Teaching English as a Foreign Language. She has over five years of experience in education, including teaching test preparation for students in Buenos Aires and teaching Academic English in universities in Australia and New Zealand. In her spare time, she enjoys studying foreign languages (especially Spanish!) and exploring new parts of Mexico City.



Osmel Soto

Osmel graduated with a BSc from the Universidad de Sonora with the final year being done as part of an academic exchange at the university of New Mexico, Albuquerque. After an internship at ININ (Instituto Nacional de Investigación Nuclear), he went on to do a postgraduate program of three years in Europe (Belgium, Spain, France) in which he shared many fond memories with people from across the globe and studied nuclear fusion with the finest minds on the planet. During his time as an undergraduate student, he tutored other physics and engineering students in topics ranging from mechanics to electromagnetism. As part of his ongoing desire to discover the world in - depth he has decided to live and work in Mexico City. With Blue Ivy, Osmel specializes in Physics and Math courses. On his free time, you will find him dancing and studying for his Physics GRE.



Geoff Turnbull

Geoff is from Ottawa, Canada and holds an interdisciplinary B.A. Honours degree in Canadian Studies and Economics (Acadia University - a small college in Atlantic Canada) and a M.A. in Global Political Economy (Norman Paterson School of International Affairs). He has worked as an economist and political analyst at a variety of governmental organizations. Geoff’s favourite professional experience was when he served as a Political and Economic Analyst for the Embassy of Canada to Thailand during a coup d'état in Bangkok. In his spare time, Geoff enjoys travel, improving his Spanish, and playing sports such as hockey, skating, snowboarding, golf, and football.



Roselyn Lemus

Roselyn studied Chemistry at UNAM and The Autonomous University of Madrid, and has a Ph.D. in Molecular Medicine from Oxford University. In addition to teaching, Roselyn has experience working with drug research and development in Mexican laboratories. Roselyn specializes in advanced Chemistry and Math Coaching. In her spare time, Roselyn loves reading Sci-Fi novels, painting, going to the Opera and Musicals, and playing the violin.

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Karim Kazemi

Raised in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, Karim graduated from the University of Colorado with a Bachelor’s in Sociology and History. Interested in refining his Spanish proficiency before applying to doctoral programs, as well as indulging his passion for Mexican film and literature, he relocated to Mexico City after graduation. In his leisure time, he enjoys reading the newspaper, watching daytime TV, and taking pictures of his cat.



Sebastian Montero

Sebastian is originally German and has been living in Mexico City since 2015. He grew up between Germany, Spain, and Switzerland and went on to graduate from University College London with an LLB in Law with French Law. He then became a teacher, and has taught at all levels - from pre-school to high school to adults - in foreign languages and mathematics.

In his spare time, Sebastian enjoys reading, watching movies, learning new things (be it a foreign language, a new subject area, cooking, general knowledge and so forth) and exploring all the city has to offer.


Coach Manager

Luis Enrique Torres Galindo

Luis Enrique “Quique” is Blue Ivy’s Coach Manager. Quique received his bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering and has worked for 5+ years as an Industrial Engineer coordinating large-scale international logistics. He joins Blue Ivy as an operations specialist to help ensure that logistics run smoothly so that our Coaches can focus all of their energy on teaching. On his free time, Quique loves riding his bike, going to the movies, and doing just enough exercise to feel healthy.


Office Assistant

Karen Diez

Karen “Natz” Diez is Blue Ivy’s office assistant. She studied Biology at the UDLAP in Puebla and moved to Mexico City to pursue her passion in Theater and Acting. At Blue Ivy, Natz supports the team with Mock Exams, Payments, Materials, Logistics, and Administrative duties. On her free time, you will probably find Natz watching or acting in a play, painting, writing (short stories), and spending time in an urban park.


Graphic Designer

Argelis Rebolledo

Argelis is Blue Ivy’s Graphic Designer. Argelis studies Industrial Robotics at Mexico’s National Polytechnic Institute and has a passion for design and photography. He has worked on branding projects for both large corporation and startups and specializes in 2D and 3D animation. At Blue Ivy, Argelis works on social media, flyers, posters, technical documents, and supports our digital presence.